(2019) November 30x30 Daily Information


  • Official finishers - you must have filled in your spreadsheet by MIDNIGHT on Dec. 2, 2019 to be considered a finisher. That is a 48 hour grace period. We will be sending out an email onto all finishers which will have your $50 code for online purchase. Obviously, we would prefer that you come in to the store to spend your $50, so we can laugh and reminisce...but we realize that isn't possible for everyone.
  • Capra will close at 4pm on Saturday Dec. 7. ALL daily draw prizes must be picked up BEFORE then. Any prize not picked up will be re-drawn at the party. There are NO pick-ups at the party, or holds at the store - sorry.
  • The party starts at 6pm at the Totem Hall, which is right across the Highway from the Chances Casino (as you enter Squamish from Vancouver). Totem Hall address is 1380 Stawamus Rd, Squamish. 
  • There will be beer from Andina Brewing, and vodka fizz cocktails from Wreck Beach Spirits. There will be water, tea, coffee, and San Pellegrino for free. Everyone one gets one free alcoholic drink, and then drinks are $5 each after that (cash only bar).
  • GRAND PRIZE DRAWS - are eligible to all finishers, including those who have won daily prizes. You will be given tickets as you enter the venue and you can pick and choose which prize draws to enter yourself in for. You must be on-site in person to win, with prizing starting at 7:30pm - so you obviously need to have your tickets in prize boxes before 7:30.
  • Unfortunately, we hav limited capacity for the party - No friends, spouses, children, or dogs are invited to this party. Think of it as a VIP celebration for everyone who was out there sweating it out for 30 days straight.
  • Everything in the store, excluding nutrition, can be purchased with your $50 store credit.
  • Your 2010 November 30x30 store credit expires October 31, 2020.


Daily Prize Winner List

Nov 2: Anywhere Shower (Outdoor Wipes), Nesters Market - Free Smoothie

  • Everybody wins today
  • Stop by Capra for your Anywhere Wipe
  • Stop by Nesters Market in Squamish for your free smoothie

 Nov 3: Ciele Athletics

  • Kristin Drygas
  • Sofie Vielfaure
  • Dawn Sparks
  • Sam Holland
  • Bruce Kydd
  • William BJ Chute
  • Rachel Murray
  • Tony King

Nov 4: Moustache Miler

  • Sabrina Marzari
  • Sandhya Gamage
  • Cheri Townsend
  • Brent Mansfield 
  • Michael Senior
  • Lauren Fougner

Nov 5: Inov-8 Roclite 290s

  • Aaron Golub
  • Josee Allard

Nov 6: Tall Tree Bakery, Counterpart Coffee, Alice & Brohm Ice Cream

  • Bianca Ashe
  • Tessa Roderick
  • Taylour Loughran

Nov 7: The Golden Ultra

  • Alain Quinto


  • Naomi Burnet
  • Kelly Wilcox

Nov 9: Hillsound Equipment

  •  Adam Naamani
  • Alex McGuire
  • Michelle LeBlanc
  • Jennifer Louden

Nov 10: La Sportiva

  • Aaron Ashe (shoes)
  • Erin Ward
  • Andrea Duthie

Nov 11: Nathan Sports

  • Denise Winford

Nov 12: Andina Brewing, Wreck Beach Spirits, and Amber Cowie

  • Lisa Wong
  • Carmen Harper
  • Simone Lylack

Nov 13: Nesters Market $50 Gift Cards and Race Entries

  • Loop the Lakes 8K entry - Clare Wells
  • Loop the Lakes 8K entry - Bob Frazer
  • Hot on your Heels entry - Tiffany Phillips
  • Hot on your Heels entry - Stephanie Kaye
  • Squamish Enduro entry - Jeremy Null
  • Squamish Enduro entry - Heather Macintosh
  • Sp'ak'wus entry - Sophie Leevers
  • Sp'ak'wus entry - Andrew Hamilton
  • Squamish50 23K entry - Suzanne Pearce

Nov 14: Black Diamond Equipment

  • Kate Montgomerie

Nov 15: STANCE

  • Abby Morgan
  • Kevin Jefford
  • Christian Haywood
  • Jane Creed
  • Trevor Savage
  • Wesley Ashwood
  • Tori Ball
  • Lindsay Jackson
  • Britney Simpson
  • Eva Van Emden
  • Nikol Marconova
  • Scott Hamilton
  • Kristie Congram
  • Emily Dewsbury
  • Teresa McKinley - Happy Birthday yesterday!

Nov 16: 5Peaks Trail Series

  • Brianne Laverdure

Nov 17: TOPO Athletic

  • Sean Daly
  • Tara Kandulski

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