Capra March COVID19 Update

COVID-19 Update

We are currently closely monitoring updates on the COVID-19 situation, as we're sure many of our incredible customers are as well. We've made the following decisions: 

All run groups are on HOLD for now.
While getting outside and staying active is important, it's never been more on trend to do a solo work-out or run to really embrace social distancing in all areas of your life. If you do plan to go out with a friend, consider meeting at the trailhead (no carpooling), keeping a safe distance, no touching or sharing of your new favourite chews or trail treats. We know it goes against every bone in your trail runner body, but right now, running needs to be a SOLO SPORT. 

The store is currently open our regular hours...for now. 
We are taking the following precautions:
- only 1 staff and a max of 3 customers in the store at one time. 
- our kids corner of complimentary toys is currently closed. While we're still kid friendly, we ask that they stay seated on the couch at all times.
- the main areas of the store are being sanitized after every customer.
- we are currently not accepting cash. 
- while we normally love and encourage coffee time catch-ups on the couch and we love you all, we ask that you not use the store as a social space right now.
- we haven't been able to secure any hand sanitizer for the store, however our bathroom sink with hand soap is available for all customers to use upon arrival in the store, and can be reached without touching anything.
- we have switched from cloth towels in our bathroom to paper towels.
- our website is also up and running for your shopping from home ease. We're happy to help walk you through your purchase virtually as well. 
- all of this right now is day by day and we may be forced to shorten our hours or close at any time, so feel free to call us before coming by to make sure we're open - 604-390-2786

**we are offering to set aside 30 minute private shopping blocks if you would like to ensure that you are the only customer in the store. Simply give us a call or email to set this up.

Currently, we're happy and healthy to continue to serve our customers during this challenging time. As runners, we've all struggled through challenges, whether it be an injury, a training setback, a cancelled race - we just need to focus on the right now, keep moving and thinking positively.

Lastly, we want to make a plea to everyone to play smart right now. Make conservative choices in your outdoor activities, always leave a trip plan, carry your phone, and be mindful that our already taxed medical system cannot support an influx of sports related injuries. While we want you to spend some time daily outside in the fresh air to stay sane, please think about how your actions may affect others. Stay close to home - on trails you are comfortable and familiar on, avoid busy trails, ditch the group runs, and don't push outside of your comfort zones - either physically or onto new uncharted terrain. We strongly recommend avoiding the Chief right now and passing that advice along to other friends in the community - as a popular tourist and local's destination, it's already too busy currently and we need to take away from that trend. Lastly, when you are playing outside, please be respectful of other users - keep your distance, we can all share the same fresh air, just from a distance.

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Michael Wardas

You guys are the best store ever! Making accommodations to suit all concerned. Bravo!

Michael Wardas

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