November 30x30 Daily Information

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Daily Prize Winner List

Day 15: Coastaleo artwork

  • Lora Schulz

Day 14: Four Amazing prizes...

  • northstarr wellness massage - Erin Copeland
  • $50 to SPUD - Haley Hardy
  • 2 weeks unlimited to Modo Yoga - Carly Sparks
  • $50 to Northyards Cider - Brian Burba

Day 13: Ridgeline Athletics Coaching packages

  • Aaron Braun
  • Melanie Basso
  • Jacqui Carle

Day 12: $50 gift card from Ground Up Climbing Centre

  • Steph Nicholls

Day 11: Kat Feeney Nutrition plan

  • Nicole Peterson
  • Sarah Ward
  • Veronica Lee

Day 10: Torq Nutrition prize packs

  • Teresa Kelly
  • Virginia Mason
  • Tiffany Bergan
  • Elissa Robinson
  • Lucas McCann

Day 9: Capra Downhill Running Clinic Entries

  • Aric Fleming
  • Jeannine Avelino

Day 8: "Squamish Sucks, Don't Go" socks

  • Tierra Wilson
  • Travis McMaster

Day 7: Trucker Hats by Andy Anissimoff

  • Greg Du Prez
  • Galina Udovichenko
  • Daniel Birch
  • Jenna Green

Day 6: Dynafit Alpine Pro shoes

  • Amber Cowie

Day 5: Xact Nutrition sample packs

  • Steve Bodley
  • Lauren Fourgnar
  • Solei Onoya
  • Neil Sinclair
  • Alana Parno
  • Suzanne Pearce
  • Alia Montgomery
  • Jennifer Heyries
  • Marjin Kuizenga
  • Petr Balcar

Day 4: Craft Hybrid Weather Gloves

  • David Eastwood
  • Claire Hotchfeld
  • Brent Frayne
  • Janelle Lucas

Day 3: Counterpart Coffee

  • Maggie Georgy-Embree

Day 2: Moustache Miler Entries

  • Adele van Wyk
  • Jasmine Gaulin
  • Kelly Moore
  • Al Bushby

Day 1: Inov-8 Terraultra 260 shoes

  • Kendra Viney and Marc Cousineau



Virginia Mason

This has been a great challenge – being a mom of two little ones, it can be so hard to allocate any time to myself in a day, let alone 30mins!! Participating in the challenge is forcing me to spend at least 30mins everyday on ME…. it’s been so great!! Thank you Capra!

Virginia Mason
Amber Cowie

I WON THE SHOES!!!!! Had no idea. This is so amazing because I just scorched a pair of mine having to dry them out from puddle jumping. So so stoked!

Amber Cowie

Michael, we do not have a Strava group for the contest. There is our regular Capra Strava group, but nothing specific to the 30×30.


Day 1 done! It was a challenging day 1 in the rain, but got it done! Thanks Capra for the incentive to keep on going through the darkness and the rain!

Michael Wardas

Is there a Strava link for the contest?

Michael Wardas

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