November 30x30 Daily Information


  • Official finishers - you must have filled in your spreadsheet by MIDNIGHT Friday to be considered a finisher. You do not have the regular 48 hour grace period. We will be sending out an email on Sunday to all finishers which will have your $50 code for online purchase. Obviously, we would prefer that you come in to the store to spend your $50, so we can laugh and reminisce...but we realize that isn't possible for everyone.
  • Capra closes at 5 on Saturday.ALL daily draw prizes must be picked up BEFORE then. Any prize not picked up will be re-drawn at the party. There are NO pick-ups at the party, or holds at the store - sorry.
  • The party starts at 6pm at the Totem Hall, which is right across the Highway from the Chances Casino (as you enter Squamish from Vancouver). Totem Hall address is 1380 Stawamus Rd, Squamish. 
  • There will be beer (A-Frame), Cider (Northyards), and wine on-site for purchase - $5 each. There will be water, tea, coffee, and San Pellegrino for free. This will be a CASH only bar.
  • GRAND PRIZE DRAWS - are eligible to all finishers, including those who have won daily prizes. You will be given tickets as you enter the venue and you can pick and choose which prize draws to enter yourself in for. You must be on-site in person to win, with prizing starting at 7:30pm - so you obviously need to have your tickets in prize boxes before 7:30.
  • Unfortunately, we hav limited capacity for the party - No friends, spouses, children, or dogs are invited to this party. Think of it as a VIP celebration for everyone who was out there sweating it out for 30 days straight.
  • Everything in the store, excluding nutrition, can be purchased with your $50 store credit.
  • Your 2018 November 30x30 store credit expires October 31, 2019.


Daily Prize Winner List

Day 29: Rock Skills Clinic, La Sportiva shoes, Stance Socks

  • Rock Skils Clinic - Hollie Holden & Tiff Phillips
  • La Sportiva shoes - Nicole Norris
  • Stance socks - Tomas Polacek, Kim Magnus, Steve Baker, Gisele Pomerleau, Mike Teske, Stef Stanley, Nancy Hildebrand, Greg Herringer

Day 28: Lezara, Aaron Ashe, Rope Runner, MTN Fun Basecamp, Alice & Brohm

  • Lezara - Annie Johansen
  • Aaron Ashe RMT - Catherine Fleming
  • Rope Runner - Kristin Burris
  • MTN Fun Basecamp - Karen Samuelson
  • Alice & Brohm - Mandoline Clark

Day 27: Goodr Sunglasses

  • Beki Ylipelkola
  • Kat Chong
  • Sasha Brown

 Day 26: Shoes from Brooks Running

  • Luke Roderick

Day 25: Picky Bars, Skratch Labs, Endurance Tap

  • Jen Barsky

Day 24: Wild Life Gym

  • Tara Wallace

Day 23: 22 Prizes

  • Balega Socks - Stephen Bahr & Sean Daly
  • Bottle Bright - Connie Sobchak & Michael Wardas
  • Black Diamond Headlamps - Mike Teschke & Heather Kennedy
  • Rapid Falls - Craig Frizzle & Devon Guest
  • SAXX - Alain Quinto & Taylor Loughran
  • Nootka & Sea - Elena Zureski & Kiki Witzke
  • KITS - Crystal Steers & Melanie Armstrong
  • Kari Traa Bottles - Christina Casperson & Dawn Sparks
  • Purist Pantry Packs - Randy Klassen & Lauren Watson
  • Kari Traa Toques - Alicia Styles & Heidi Specht
  • SCOTT hats - Arndrea Scott & Nikki Scott

Day 22: Naked Running Bands

  • Hannah Perry
  • Christy Graham
  • Deanne McDoom

Day 21: A-Frame Brewing prize pack

  • Richard Green

Day 20: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Gait Analysis

  • Gait Analysis - Anne Mackenzie & Guy Ross
  • Physiotherapy session - Carolyn Klassen & Janae Vlaar
  • Chiropractic treatment - Christine Strub

Day 19: Altra Running shoes

  • Karine Hamm
  • Lesley Weeks

Day 18: Finn and the Magic Backpack

  • Christy Baker
  • Paul Van der eerden
  • Colin Geddes
  • Caroline L'Heureux 
  • Julian Base
  • Kari Frizzle
  • Melinda Markey
  • Trish Watts
  • Jeremy Blumel
  • Deavah Yerxa

Day 17: Race Entries

Day 16: Topo Athletic shoes

  • Julie Phoenix
  • Kevin Meisner

Day 15: Coastaleo artwork

  • Lora Schulz

Day 14: Four Amazing prizes...

  • northstarr wellness massage - Erin Copeland
  • $50 to SPUD - Haley Hardy
  • 2 weeks unlimited to Modo Yoga - Carly Sparks
  • $50 to Northyards Cider - Brian Burba

Day 13: Ridgeline Athletics Coaching packages

  • Aaron Braun
  • Melanie Basso
  • Jacqui Carle

Day 12: $50 gift card from Ground Up Climbing Centre

  • Steph Nicholls

Day 11: Kat Feeney Nutrition plan

  • Nicole Peterson
  • Sarah Ward
  • Veronica Lee

Day 10: Torq Nutrition prize packs

  • Teresa Kelly
  • Virginia Mason
  • Tiffany Bergan
  • Elissa Robinson
  • Lucas McCann

Day 9: Capra Downhill Running Clinic Entries

  • Aric Fleming
  • Jeannine Avelino

Day 8: "Squamish Sucks, Don't Go" socks

  • Tierra Wilson
  • Travis McMaster

Day 7: Trucker Hats by Andy Anissimoff

  • Greg Du Prez
  • Galina Udovichenko
  • Daniel Birch
  • Jenna Green

Day 6: Dynafit Alpine Pro shoes

  • Amber Cowie

Day 5: Xact Nutrition sample packs

  • Steve Bodley
  • Lauren Fourgnar
  • Solei Onoya
  • Neil Sinclair
  • Alana Parno
  • Suzanne Pearce
  • Alia Montgomery
  • Jennifer Heyries
  • Marjin Kuizenga
  • Petr Balcar

Day 4: Craft Hybrid Weather Gloves

  • David Eastwood
  • Claire Hotchfeld
  • Brent Frayne
  • Janelle Lucas

Day 3: Counterpart Coffee

  • Maggie Georgy-Embree

Day 2: Moustache Miler Entries

  • Adele van Wyk
  • Jasmine Gaulin
  • Kelly Moore
  • Al Bushby

Day 1: Inov-8 Terraultra 260 shoes

  • Kendra Viney and Marc Cousineau



Jerry Bahr

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to participate in the 30×30.

Jerry Bahr
Michael J Wardas

Wahoo thanks for the Bottle Bright prize! I’ve got a few hydration bladders that could use that cleaning treatment!

Michael J Wardas

This is haaaaaarrrrrrrdddddd!

Sheena Velasco

Hello, When is your next 30*30 challenge? Thank you, Sheena

Sheena Velasco
Virginia Mason

This has been a great challenge – being a mom of two little ones, it can be so hard to allocate any time to myself in a day, let alone 30mins!! Participating in the challenge is forcing me to spend at least 30mins everyday on ME…. it’s been so great!! Thank you Capra!

Virginia Mason
Amber Cowie

I WON THE SHOES!!!!! Had no idea. This is so amazing because I just scorched a pair of mine having to dry them out from puddle jumping. So so stoked!

Amber Cowie

Michael, we do not have a Strava group for the contest. There is our regular Capra Strava group, but nothing specific to the 30×30.


Day 1 done! It was a challenging day 1 in the rain, but got it done! Thanks Capra for the incentive to keep on going through the darkness and the rain!

Michael Wardas

Is there a Strava link for the contest?

Michael Wardas

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