The 30×30 Will Make You Smarter

The 30×30 Will Make You Smarter

Running doesn't have to be a solo sport; the running community is one of the best around. It's the reason we drag ourselves out of bed for an early morning workout. Why we go for a run when it's grey and raining. It's what keeps us motivated and moving forward.

November is notoriously a month of holing up inside, curling up on the couch and telling yourself you'll run tomorrow. This year we're changing the game. Let's make November about spending time with friends outside. Let's make November the month of adventure.

The Capra 30×30 is the perfect way to keep yourself motivated and running throughout the month. You'll have the support system of the Timber & Tor group runs in your corner, cheering you along and keeping you inspired. We also have a Timber & Tor Facebook group where you can post your run plans, find someone to join you, or make us all jealous with photos from your latest adventure.

While the main tracking will be done on a Google Sheet, we're also encouraging everyone to use Strava to track their progress. Join our Timber & Tor Club and you can see weekly leader boards for a little healthy competition, as well as find others who are running your pace and/or distances. Pair up, meet a new friend and get out there!

Mike, Solana, and Tyler will all be participating as well, so feel free to reach out if you’re lacking in motivation, or want to join in on a run. Did you know that running is one of the only activities that actually promotes the growth of new brain cells? The 30×30 will actually make you smarter.

We've had some questions on what counts, and what doesn't, so here's some more info:

Things that count

  • The Run/Walk Intervals: 30 mins of the classic run/walk training, i.e. run 5 mins, walk 1 min
  • The Uphill Hike/Run: 30 mins of uphill hiking, i.e. The Chief, Sea to Summit trail, The Grind, Flint & Feather, etc.
  • The Life Intervals: 10 mins run while your child is napping, playing, eating, etc. We are OK if you can’t fit it in consecutively and need to break up the 30 mins during the day. 
  • The Rest/Recovery day: 1 day per week, you can substitute a 30-minute walk/hike instead of a run to give you a break
  • The Race Day: cross-country, trail running, road running, etc. Any race counts for your run that day.
  • The Timber & Tor day: there are 3 weekly runs, which covers nearly 50% of your challenge for the week. Come join us. 

Things that don’t count

  • The Netflix Interval: Going from the couch to the kitchen and back while binge-watching Stranger Things or Brooklyn 99.
  • The Cross-training Interval: biking, climbing, weights, skiing, etc. We love it all, but for this challenge, it’s considered cross-training. Think of the 30-minute run as your warm-up/cool-down.

But I’m not a runner and want to participate.
That’s ok! We’re good if you want to do a 60-minute walk each day, instead of a 30-minute run.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. See you on the trails.

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