Spring Run Challenge - Final Week

It has been a crazy couple of months and we have had a blast bringing you the inaugural #capra16x30 challenge...which turned into 2 fantastic months of running workouts. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. We are ending the weekly emails of workouts, but we've got our thinking caps on and have already started brainstorming some fun things to share with you during our "new normal" this summer.

And we couldn't end this without a HUGE sincere, bottom of our hearts Thank You. We're the first to admit that these last few months have been weird AF. But, at the end of the day, what will get you through any tough times is the support and positivity of a community. You guys are amazing and we're so glad to call you all part of our Capra Family. Thank you for supporting us during these trying times. 

We've got a few more prizes to giveaway before we end all of this:

Garibaldi Active Wellness - Chiropractic Assessment & Treatment - Michelle Leblanc 
Garibaldi Active Wellness - 60 min RMT Treatment - Kim Harvey 
Capra Tank Top - Sara Schwartz
$25 Capra Gift Certificate - Anne Niko
Naked Running Belt - Lisa Roberts

Please contact hello@capra.run to collect your prize.


May 28 - This is a YELLOW workout by Mike Murphy

Steady Intervals - Light version
This workout is specifically a bit of a lighter/taper effort. It is to let you have some rest before the Fitness Test workout on the 31st. The RPE (rate of perceived exertion) for the majority of each interval should be 5/10 to 6/10

Warm Up:
  • 20 minute easy jog
  • 8 - 10 short, quick strides
  • 6 x (2:00 Steady, with 2:00 jog recovery)
  • these should not be killing you. You should be able to keep jogging for your 2:00 recovery
  • Remember...this is a taper workout for the TT in three days, so if in doubt, SLOW DOWN
Cool Down:
  • 10:00-20:00 super easy

May 30 - This is a GREEN workout by Mike Murphy

Easy Day with Strides
This is just an easy day to get the legs firing for tomorrow

Go out for an easy 40-60 minute jog. With about 10 minutes left, throw in 8-10 strides.
These should not be sprints. They are just to prep your legs for tomorrow.
After your run, make sure to have something to eat, so you have fuel in the tank for tomorrow.

May 31 - This is a RED workout by Mike Murphy

Fitness Test

REMEMBER BACK TO MAY 4TH...well, it's time to do your full-gas TT loop again! This is the last workout of the Spring Challenge, so make it count!

This will be a short-ish Time Trial, on the exact same loop as you did at the beginning of this month, so that you can compare. Fingers crossed that we hav all made some progress

This one is simple. After a good warm up, run your Time Trial as fast as you possibly can! Absolutely bury yourself out there!

Warm Up:
  • 20:00 easy jog
  • 8 - 10 strides
  • Run so hard that you go cross-eyed and almost black out
Cool Down:
  • 15:00-20:00 super easy
We WANT to hear from you, we want to hear about how much you improved this loop, and we might just have a prize for the person with the biggest differential. So, let's go - full puke pac e ahead. *Note, please include pictures from the 1st and 2nd time trial for proof.

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