The November 30×30 Roundup

The November 30×30 Roundup

We're still a new shop, but we have grand ambitions and our sights are set high. One of our founding principles is that we want to create—and foster—a local community of like-minded and passionate trail runners.

In comes November. Notoriously grey, rainy, and sombre. The month of holing up inside. It’s “shoulder season” after all. We wanted to change the game, so we came up with a challenge.

We wanted to make November a month of adventure. This year was particularly tough with the incessant rain and the permanent 4 o’clock light. So we were blown away when 57 of you signed up to take on the challenge (60 including us). Let's see how this all went down.

Capra November 30x30 Roundup Infographic

The challenge far exceeded our expectations for the first year, which just reiterates how much we love this community. The 30×30 isn't just about completion, or who ran the furthest. The idea was about getting outside and enjoying being out on the trails; running with other people or exploring new areas and embracing the elements. It was about challenging yourself and seeing what’s possible. It's a celebration of the love of trail running and being outside in nature, of the highs and lows of getting out day after day, and the inevitable stories that emerge after hours on the trails.

The Wrap Party

This past Sunday we had a little get together at the shop, and celebrated the kilometres over a Mag's 99 dinner with as many as the participants as possible. For those that couldn't make it, we have your gift cards at the shop as well as an embroidered finishers badge.

We hope you enjoyed the challenge, made some new friends, and maybe learned a thing or two about yourself in the process. If you have a story from the challenge or documented it in some way (photos, video, etc.), please send it our way. We'd love to hear/see it.

We're still a new shop, but we're just getting started. Stay tuned.

The Finishers

  • Nathalia Alvarez
  • Colleen Auringer
  • Joan Bobyn
  • Kelly Burke
  • Jenni Chancey
  • Jane Creed
  • Lee Edwards
  • Mieke van Eerdt
  • Jennifer Evans
  • Catherine Fleming
  • Kari Frizzle
  • Kristen Gauley
  • Carol Green
  • Jason Howell
  • Laura Joedicke
  • Mark Joedicke
  • Solana Klassen
  • Katie Longworth
  • Christina Matheson
  • Jaymie McGowan
  • Tyler McGowan
  • Dylan Morgan
  • Charlie Murphy
  • Grace Murphy
  • Mike Murphy
  • Adam Overing
  • Suzanne Pearce
  • Nicole Peterson
  • Jenny Quilty
  • Ashley Ramsay
  • John Redpath
  • Jessica Reid
  • Charity Rhoda
  • Joanne Stanger
  • Kelly Tokar
  • Bill Wallace
  • Tara Wallace
  • Christine Witzke