April Run Challenge - Week 3 Workouts

APRIL 15 - This is a PURPLE challenge by Solana Green

Costumed Strava Art

I told you from the get-go that the purple challenges would be a little whacky, and while last week's greeting cards challenge was pretty normal, the creativity that you guys brought to the table, was INSANE. On top of the regular hand delivered cards, there was singing-grams, painted rocks, chalk messages, deliveries of cookies, oranges, sourdough starter, wine, beer, and more! The main feedback was that it felt so great to do a random act of kindness, so let's try and keep that up in our lives during these trying times.

As for this week, we're going to do something called Strava Art, and I'm expecting you to run it in your best costumes. Normally I'd say onesies only, but it's getting pretty warm outside here, and I don't want to discriminate those who don't own a onesie (seriously what are you waiting for??)

Now, you can wing it, but this is harder than you might think, so if you head over to any route mapping website (mapmyrun, onthegomap, etc), you can pre-plan your trip.

Because I'm nicer than Mike, there are no minimums for this run, but it is considered a mellow, recovery run and should be done at a talking and social pace (which right now means talk to yourself...), so you can run for 20 minutes or 6 hours. I will say to think about the length of your run for the art, consider where the letters connect together, and if you try to do it all bunched up in one tennis court, the satellites are not going to work in your favour. 

So, what are you going to make? The possibilities are endless (seriously, Google Strava Art), but I'd suggest if this is your first time, trying to write a word - I've provided examples of Capra & Joy. You can write a friends name you're missing, someone you'd like to thank, a word for how this whole thing is making you feel, or whatever your creative little mind comes up with. 

And yes, there's prizes for the best dressed and the best art. Let's go! 

APRIL 17 - This is a YELLOW workout by Alex Ricard

Progressive Steady Build
Alex offered a slightly more difficult version of this workout, but I have adapted it to slow things down bit and keep it as a yellow - medium effort - workout. As you can see below, this is a steady effort run, which builds in pace. The trick for this one this one is to keep the the steps (increases in pace) small. You only want to reach a maximum RPE of 6 during the peak of this run. This one will work best on a flatter route, so that your effort does not fluctuate too much.

This is a YELLOW workout. You should feel strong and quick, and be breathing hard but controlled. It's better to be a bit cautious on the build portion of this pyramid. A good rule of thumb, if you are watching your pace, would be that each increment is only about 10-15 seconds faster per km.

Warm Up:
  • 20:00 easy jog (I mean jog...RPE 2)
  • 6 - 8 quick strides
Workout: (There is no recovery between steps, this is a continuous block)
  • 16:00 at RPE 3
  • 12:00 at RPE 4
  • 8:00 at RPE 5
  • 4:00 at RPE 6
Cool Down:
  • 15:00-20:00 super easy

APRIL 19 - This is a RED workout by Mike Murphy

Hard Hills - UP and DOWN
This is my favourite workout. Anyone who comes to the Capra Tuesday Club runs will be very familiar with this one...

Find yourself a medium grade hill. It should be steep enough that you have to work to run up it, but not too steep that you need to hike any of it. This is Hard running. Each interval is 6 minutes long. Both the uphill and the downhill are run hard. In fact, the downhill will likely feel harder than the uphill.

Warm Up:
  • 20:00 easy jog
  • 8 - 10 strides
Workout: (I would suggest that 3 or 4 intervals for most people is enough. 5 if you are advanced)
  • 3 or 4 x (6:00 Hard, then 2:00 standing rest)
  • Each 6:00 hard is made up of 4:00 Hard Uphill, followed immediately by 2:00 Hard Downhill
  • After 4:00 of hard uphill, immediately turn and run HARD downhill. The goal is to reach your starting point by the end of the 2:00 downhill.
  • Take only a 2:00 rest between intervals
  • If you do this one right, the downhill will feel at least as hard as the uphill**
Cool Down:
  • 15:00-20:00 super easy

APRIL 21- This is a GREEN workout by Mike Murphy

The Double Loop - Blind*
Base runs are a critical part of any training program and should be the vast majority of your volume. The effort on your base run should be a 2/10 or 3/10.  By going above this effort, you actually get less return on the workout!  SLOW DOWN

This workout is simple, yet many of you will find it really challenging. It requires you to stop looking at your watch, and go by feel. Your base run will be made up of one loop, done twice. You can also add on a little bit to the start or the finish, but the main portion needs to be a loop that you do twice.

For example, if you plan on a 2 hour base run, then you need to find a loop which, *at base pace*, would take you about an hour. The hard part of this workout, is to only look at your watch at the end of each loop. I want you to run each loop by feel only! If done properly, the time it takes you to do each loop should be almost identical...without cheating and looking at your watch.

**Running by feel is an incredibly valuable skill. Everyone should do more of it, and forget about what your GPS says from time to time

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