April Run Challenge - Week 5 Workouts

With a whopping 95% of you asking us to continue the April challenge through May, we couldn't possibly say no! We're busy compiling another month of workouts, but we do have a few small changes coming:

On May 1st we will send out five workouts - those will cover you from May 2nd to the 10th.
We understand that lots of you are still working, home-schooling, day-caring, and just all around trying to fit everything in. That being said, feel free to play around with the timing of the workouts if needed, but we'd recommend not putting a Yellow and a Red on back-to-back days, that's asking for trouble. 

We have discontinued the spreadsheet for May. Please continue interacting with us on social media, but no need to write a daily word for tracking.

Didn't sign up for April? That's A-OK! Nobody needs to sign up for May, we'll keep sending out weekly newsletters and you can pick and choose the workouts to participate in, as your schedule allows. We want to provide something to motivate you, not to add extra stress these days. Have fun with the workouts, try out new techniques, and get out of your comfort zone. 


APRIL 29- This is a GREEN workout by Mike Murphy

Go for the longest run that you have done this month, but take it all really easy

Why so simple? Why so easy? Well, read the next workout below...

APRIL 30 - This is a PURPLE/RED challenge by Solana and Mike

Backyard Beverage Mile


Alright kids, it's time for your final APRIL #capra16x30 challenge. We're sure you've all heard of a Beer Mile: You run ONE MILE as fast as you possibly can, around a track, while drinking a beer at the start of every 400M lap. That means 4 beers in 1600m, in what would likely be significantly slower than your regular mile PB.

To make this version a bit more fair and fun though ** you are not allowed to have your 400m made up of just one loop ** 

We're calling it our Quarantined Backyard Cheer Mile. Here's how it works:

  1. Not all of us have backyards, so this can be done on the street, in a parking garage, or other available nearby areas. We are purposely confining the space in which you can run loops. ONE LOOP of your designated segment must not exceed 40m. Yes, you read that right, 40m.
  2. You will run laps of that loop to make up each 400m BEER LAP.
  3. You will be doing 4 BEER LAPS (400m each) in total, just like the traditional Beer Mile.
  4. Choose your beverage. We're allowing Beer, Cider, Wine, Vodka Fizz drinks, or if you don't drink alcohol, you can choose to chug milk or a carbonated beverage of choice. Before each lap you must drink one beverage that is 355ml (standard size of a can of beer).
  5. You start the Cheer Mile by chugging first, followed by running 400m...then repeat 3 more times.

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Thank you so much for the April challenges. I didn’t officially sign up but I started to follow along and loved it so much so I am thrilled to join in for May 100%!


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