Spring Run Challenge - Mother's Day

We wanted to celebrate Mom this weekend and other than a good old fashioned sale, we decided that your PURPLE challenge - read below - will be an opportunity for you to win a pair of Scarpa running shoes for your beloved momma - or if trail running isn't your momma's speed, you're welcome to participate to win the shoes to gift to another awesome mom in your life.

We've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Scarpa trail running shoes to the shop for a while now. As with all new brands that we bring in, we take out a shoe through it's paces, quite literally running it up and down all of the different types of terrain that we have in Squamish. We're focused on only bringing products into the store that match and beat our expectations. 

 The Scara Spin Ultra offers more cushioning than the Spin, in a stable package featuring ample upper protection to keep your feet feeling good in all types of terrain.
The new Scarpa Spin is the Goldilocks of our Alpine Running collection, for those who want both support and simplicity on rugged trails and craggy ridgelines.

May 10 - This is a PURPLE workout by Solana for Mothers Day

This weekend, we're challenging you on a scavenger hunt. The rules are simple - you must do this from your house, and you must document it on social media in order to be considered to win the free shoes. Note: You don't have to find all of these items to play along! Have fun! 

  • Support Local. Run to a local store and purchase a random treat for your mom or an awesome nearby-to-you mom. This could be flowers, a book, a chocolate bar, a pastry, whatever you'd like, but we're spreading the local love, wherever you live, just a wee little bit.
  • Draw a Strava flower. No streets allowed, you're winging this one - choose an open field and getting drawing something pretty!
  • Find the best not alive selfie partner. Think garden gnome, bronze statue, etc.
  • Find as many random acts of kindness on your route - chalk drawings, artwork on windows, painted rocks, keep your eyes peeled.
  • Be on the look-out for wildlife! Bears, squirrels, raccoons, the best animal found is bonus points!
  • Solo Karaoke on the run - and yes, we do need video evidence. You choose the song, but we'd recommend dedicating it to a special mother in your life. Maybe you have a neighbourhood mom who you could even serenade...(from the street obviously)
  • Find a natural heart shape - a rock, a leaf, a tree, watch for the best.
  • Create a bouquet - but don't be stealing flowers from your neighbour's yards! 
  • It isn't a scavenger hunt without something unicorn, we're sure you can find something! 
  • No points for this last one, but we'd like to encourage you to smile and say hi to everyone you see outside. Make sure to keep your distance, but a little kindness goes a long ways these days. 

Now, get out there and win your momma a pair of snazzy new Scarpas!

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