Spring Run Challenge - Week 6 Workouts

May 2 - This is a YELLOW workout by Mike Murphy

**Remember this one? Looks familiar hey...
And take note of the red workout 2 days later. Don't burn all your matches today!!

Cruise Intervals (with Variations)
This workout is one of my current favourites. The quality in this workout is what I refer to as cruise intervals....but with a bit of speed-play in them (slight undulations in pace). Do this one on flatter terrain, so that it is runnable.
These intervals should not kill you. You should feel strong and quick, and be breathing hard but controlled. The RPE (rate of perceived exertion) for the quality portion of they one should be 5/10. Definitely finish this one thinking that you could do a bit more.

Warm Up:
  • 20:00 easy jog
  • 10 x 10 second strides (short accelerations, like before the start of a race)
Workout: (can do 2 intervals instead of 3)
  • 2 (or 3) x (9:00 with 3:00 jogging rest between them)
  • Each 9:00 is broken down into repeating blocks of
    30 seconds steady, 15 seconds easier
  • Note: That's 12 sets, all in a row, of :30/:15, to make up 9:00 total
  • The strong should feel like a 5/10 effort, and the easy is a 3/10
Cool Down:
  • 15:00-20:00 super easy

May 4 - This is a RED workout by Mike Murphy

Fitness Test
This will be a short-ish Time Trial, where you run it as fast as you can. We will do this one again at the end of the month, on the exact same loop, so that you can compare.

Find yourself a loop or segment - something that will take you between 20 and 40 minutes to run at race pace (full-gas). I would suggest having the loop on rolling terrain, so that most of it is runnable.

This one is simple. After a good warm up, run your Time Trial as fast as you possibly can! Absolutely bury yourself out there!

Warm Up:
  • 20:00 easy jog
  • 8 - 10 strides
  • Run so hard that you go cross-eyed and almost black out
Cool Down:
  • 15:00-20:00 super easy

May 6 - This is a GREEN workout by Mike Murphy

Base Run with 1 and 3s
Base run day again. Remember to keep it slow and aerobic - running longer is better than running faster.
The plan for today is to do the first part of your run as usual, but set aside 30 minutes at the end for some very moderate pace changes. You should not feel trashed by the strong efforts at the end. This is still a GREEN workout!

Start With:
  • between 30 minutes and 2 hours easy running (whatever is appropriate for you)
Workout: with about 30 minutes left in your run
  • 8 x (1:00 Strong, 3:00 back at base pace)
  • The Strong should only be at RPE 5/10. Just a slight elevation from your base pace

May 8 - This is a YELLOW workout by Mike Murphy

**I recommend being cautious today. 
Definitely hold back today, keeping your effort cappedat 80-90%. You may be a bit stiff and sore tomorrow.
Do these on some flat grass. Grass is soft and forgiving.

Warm Up:
  • 20:00 jog, with the last 5:00 at RPE 5/10
  • 8 - 10 strides
  • 4 x (1:00 HARD, 2:00 Easy jog)
  • 4 x (:40 HARD, 2:00 Easy jog)
  • 4 x (:20 HARD, 2:00 Easy jog)
These are hard efforts - RPE 7/8
The rest is intentionally long. It is to allow for higher quality on the hard efforts.
These are about running FAST. Do NOT cut your rest interval short

Cool Down:
  • 15:00-20:00 super easy

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