We are using the same tracking web app that we introduced in 2021. Please double check that your name and email are entered correctly during registration... Otherwise, you won't be able to log in to the tracking page.
Given the number of participants, and we expect some hick-ups. Please be patient.  Quite likely we are aware of any issues that pop up systemically, and just need time to problem solve.
The last couple days of October, and the first week of November are incredibly busy for the 30x30 technical department at Capra (ie. Mike). We get overwhelmed with questions. Many of the answers to those questions can be found in the information below. Please read through all of these FAQs before you reach out to contact us.
Given that this year we do NOT require you to have your daily data filled out within 48, there is much less of a panic to get your runs logged asap.
BUT...in order to be eligible for the daily prize draws, you must have your data updated daily



Where do I register? 

You can go to capra.run to look around and follow the links, or click here for the direct route.

Or swing by the store to register in person

Can I register my friend/spouse/co-worker for them?

Our tracking system requires that each participant has a unique email/customer profile. That means that you can only register one person per check-out. To register another person, you will need to go through the check-out process again, but this time using their personal info (and unique email). Each participant needs their own unique email to access the tracking page

Can I pay for someone else's registration, and then have them register themselves?

Yes.  Buy them a 30x30 Registration Gift Card, here

Can I join late?

Registration cut-off is November 1 at 11:59pm. Be aware though, that if you do register on November 1, you still need to complete your 30 minutes for that day



I’m not receiving emails?? Help!

There are a few reasons why you might not be getting our emails. Your spam filter is number one.  The emails come from hello@capra.run  Check your filters, and add us as a trusted sender. Quite often our emails go to your promotions folder 

The second reason might be that you registered with a different email than the one you are checking (or that you made a typo when entering it)

And lastly, you may have (recently or long ago) opted out from receiving our newsletters (unsubscribed).  If that's the case, we are not allowed (by Canadian spam laws) to add you back on to our mailing list.  You will have to do that yourself. Go to capra.run and scroll to the very bottom. You can then fill your email into the 'Subscribe for Capra News' box 

Can I do an hour one day and skip the next day?


Can I spread my 30 minutes out in increments throughout the day?

No. You need to set aside at least a full 30 minutes each day to do your run or walk

What about other activities counting a s a run?

At the heart, this is a running/walking challenge.  With that said, we are allowing  the odd substitution - such as a big family day ski touring or at Callaghan, or a long mtb ride outside. These are for special occasions only, and they must be done outside. 

Can I use a treadmill?

Of course! The running or walking can be done indoors or outdoors. We always recommend that having a daily nature break is a great way to reset and embrace the challenge fully, but we understand that life gets in the way sometimes and you’re welcome to get your 30 minutes done inside.

What a wheelchair or a mobility device?

For sure...as long as it's self propelled.



Where do I track my running/walking?


*The tracking page for the November 30x30 does not go live until November 1. All tracking information will be sent out in the November 1 newsletter

You will need access to the email with which you registered for the challenge, in order to access the tracking web page.

I have to scroll down a ton of names each time I want to enter data. Is there an easier way?

Yes. Click your name  (and the names of your friends), and a small green heart will appear by those names. Scroll to the very top and then click the green heart beside 'ATHLETE', and voila ! All you now see are your favourites. To undo that, click ATHLETE heart again

Can I just track it on Strava and not the Capra tracking application?

No. All data must be input to our tracking application page for you to officially complete the challenge.

What’s the last possible date to enter all my data?

December 1, 11:59pm

Even though it's not mandatory to do daily, we do encourage people to log their runs each day (or every couple days).  It's easy to fall behind and lose track.  Once the tracking app page is locked on December 1, those of you missing any of the 30 days, will be marked as incomplete. Which means you won't be eligible for the $50 discount for completion.



Do you have any group runs during the challenge?

Capra holds a free group run every Saturday morning.  We meet at 9am at the shop, and you do not need to pre-register. It's a casual pace, hiking the hills, and stopping from time to time for photos. 

We’re out for about 2 hours total time. If you are comfortable running 10km on roads in 60-70 minutes, or can hike up & down the Chief 1st Peak in 90 minutes, then you’re good to join in!

Is there somewhere I can meet other people to run/walk with? 

The Capra Run Club on Facebook is by far the best option for connecting with other runners/walkers. We also have a Strava group

What tags should I use on social media?

Tag us at @caprarunning on Instagram, and use hashtags #caprarunning & #capra30x30 to follow other participants journeys. 

Is there any bonus to posting on social media?

Well, other than the obvious of sharing your story and connecting with other participants, we also LOVE to throw out extra prizing and kudos to those cheerleaders in our crowd.

Is there a wrap-up party in 2022?

Yes, held at Totem Hall on December 3rd. Tickets will go on sale soon.



How do I win a prize?

Everyone that does their activity AND enters it in our tracking portal is eligible for the next day’s prize. We use a random number generator to choose winners.

How do I find out if I won a prize?

Each day, we send out a daily newsletter with all sorts of information, including the prize winner’s names for that day. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the newsletter each day to check for your name! You can also check our monthly prize list here.

How do I collect a prize?

Prizes (unless otherwise stated) will be available at Capra for pick-up from the day winners names were drawn, until December 3, 2022 at 5pm. Prizes not picked up by then will be re-prized at the wrap up party. You are welcome to send a friend to pick up your prize for you, or alternatively if you purchase something through our online store, and pay for shipping, we can include your prize with that order

What if I don’t want the prize?

Prizes are not exchangeable, but you’re welcome to gift your prize to a friend, or have us put it back in the pot for our Wind-Up Party if it’s not something you will use and love.

When can I collect a prize until?

December 3, 2022 at 5pm




What can I buy?

Ohhhhhh, good question! The possibilities are endless! Trail shoes? Road shoes? Sunglasses? Socks? Your purchase must be over $56 (for sales tax) before shipping and taxes, otherwise your discount code won’t work.

Is there anything I cannot purchase?

Nutritional products, sale priced items, and watches from COROS, are the only items that are not available for your code usage.

Can I shop online or do I need to come into the store?

You can do either. We have many participants that are not local to Squamish and that’s great! The challenge is set up to be remote so you can do it anywhere in the world. Our website is set up for international payments and shipping.

Where do I enter the code?

During checkout, there is a “discount code” box, simply type your code into this box.

Can I use my code towards shipping/taxes?

The way that our Shopify system works, it only recognizes this discount code for purchases over $56 (for sales tax) before shipping and taxes.

Can I give my code to someone else?

Unfortunately no, you earned your code and your discount is for just you. You can however purchase a present for someone else if you’re in the giving mood. Please note: if a purchase is returned, your 30x30 code will not be reinstated to use again.

Can myself and my friend use our codes together?

Unfortunately no, it is one coupon per customer, so you cannot use your codes together (or with any other promotional code)

Can I bundle shipping costs with someone else?

Absolutely! Simply have 1 person choose and pay for shipping, and the other person choose in-store pick-up. There is a “notes” section of making a purchase where you can let us know that you’re doing this, or reach out to us at hello@capra.run

How long is my code valid for?

Your 2022 finishers code will be good until October 31, 2023. You have 11 months to use it either in-store or online at capra.run


If you haven't been able to find an answer above, please try through our Facebook group before emailing us.