We only allow 1 registration at a time, and 1 registration per person. Each participant needs their own unique email to use the tracking web app.
If you are wanting to register more than 10 people in a group, such as an inter-business challenge, please email us here, and we will do a bulk registration for you.




November is notoriously a month of holing up inside, curling up on the couch, and telling yourself you'll run tomorrow. This year we're changing the game again. Let's make November about spending time with friends outside. Let's make November the month of adventure and challenge.


01— The Challenge

The November 30x30

November has notoriously been a month where we all spent way too much time inside, curled up on the couch, avoiding the rain and darkness, and telling ourselves that we will get out for a run 'tomorrow'. That is all about to change! We are back for our seventh year of rewriting that November slump. The November 30x30 challenge grew again last year, and we are ready for 2022 to blow the doors off that those numbers! We have opened the 30x30 challenge up to both running and walking again this year. This obviously makes the Challenge much more accessible for almost anyone who wants to be part of the challenge.

New this year: For those of you who embrace all the sports...we will allow the odd XC ski or Outdoor bike ride to sub-in for a run

In 2016 we launched The November 30x30, and 60 brave souls took the challenge. With 26 days and 590mm of rain, it was a little grim. But the challengers dug deep, and together logged over 10,000kms.

In 2017 we had a whopping 150 people take part in the challenge. Even with mother nature doing her best to break us with bad weather, there was an incredible 75% success rate! We logged almost 50,000Km as a group.

Then 2018 happened - 517 participants in the 30x30, with an over 84% completion rate. We had people in the challenge from the UK, Australia, Mexico, USA, and all across Canada.

Building on that, in 2019 we had 702 participants with an 81% completion rate. With participants again from all around the world.

A staggering 2315 people signed up for the 30x30 in 2020, with an unheard of 90% completion rate

Last year built on 2020, with 2735 entrants facing some of the worst weather we've seen in a long time.  We are set to make another jump this year.  Can we hit 3000??

It is that time again to take November back, and to see what you're capable of. We think you'll be surprised.

The challenge is simple. Run or walk a minimum of 30 minutes a day, for 30 days straight. It doesn't have to be fast, it doesn't have to be far, it just has to last 30 minutes. Join us, partner up, and get your run streak on. This is a virtual challenge, so you can participate from anywhere in the world - you don't need to be local to participate, to win prizes, or to receive your completion discount - they are redeemable online!

Challenge Details

  1. Run or Walk a minimum of 30 minutes, for the 30 days of November
  2. After your run/walk, post the details through our online tracking app
  3. It costs $30 to enter, but you get a $50 Capra Store Credit upon completion.

For 2022, we have brought back the dog category. Same challenge as the humans, the dogs must run a minimum of 30 minutes for 30 days, and their owner must be registered for the challenge as well. Doggie buy-in is $15, and all dogs that successfully complete will win a $25 gift certificate from O'Brien Pet Foods in Squamish. 

02— Support System

We've got your back

Capra Group Runs
Every Saturday morning from 9am-11am, starting at Capra. Social run. The run will be between 1.5hrs and 2hrs long, at a mellow conversational pace.

Strava Club
Join the Capra Strava Club and post in the group if you're heading out for a run and are looking for company. Chances are there's someone else in the same boat. Plus, it's a great spot to look for a new route if you're getting tired of the same loop.

Facebook Group
Not on Strava? Join our Facebook Group, post your run plans, find someone to join you, or just make us all jealous with photos of your latest adventure.

03— Sweet Victory

Money. Prizes. Glory.

Every finisher who completes all 30 days, and fills in all their data, will receive a $50 Capra Store Credit. 


We have over $20,000 in prizing for our daily newsletters. Everyone that completes their run and enters it into the online tracking app can be in the draw to win the next day's prize. With over 130 prizes spread throughout the month, the chances of winning something are real. 

As always, we encourage you to document your month of adventure with photos, films, letters, art… whatever medium you see fit. The best submissions will be considered for a range of prizes.

The Dog Category is back. Same challenge as the humans, the dogs must run a minimum of 30 minutes for 30 days, and their owner must be registered for the challenge as well. Doggie buy-in is $15, and all dogs that successfully complete will win a $25 gift certificate from O'Brien Pet Foods in Squamish. 

04— The Nitty Gritty

Challenge Questions

The spirit of the challenge is to run or walk or hike, regardless of the conditions, and push yourself to get out the door every day. Here are a few guidelines as to what counts, and what doesn't.

Things that count

  • + Run/Walk Intervals: 30 mins of the classic run/walk training, i.e. run 5 mins, walk 1 min
  • + Walking/Hiking: Walking is allowed
  • + Uphill Hike/Run Day: 30 mins of uphill hiking, i.e. The Chief, Sea to Summit trail, The Grind, Flint & Feather, etc.
  • + Race Day: Cross-country, trail running, road running, etc. Any race counts for your run that day.
  • + Road/Treadmill Day: Either counts; the challenge isn’t limited to trail only.
  • + Remote Run: You don’t need to live in Squamish to participate. Your $50 Gift Card can be redeemed online.
  • + XC Ski, Ski Touring, or Outdoor Bike: This is a running/walking challenge, but we realize some of us, for many reasons - family, work, etc, may need to sub in ski or ride for your run the odd time. In the spirit of the challenge though, keep it as an option only when necessary.