Capra Alpine Camp 2018

Alpine Camp

single-day alpine Running skills Camp

To move safely and efficiently on foot in the alpine requires a particular set of skills, along with a strong base of aerobic fitness. The Capra Alpine Camp is a skills-based clinic geared towards beginner and intermediate trail runners. If you are looking to acquire new skills and take your fitness to the alpine with more confidence, then this is for you!

Capra Alpine Camp athletes on Habrich ridge
Capra Alpine Camp participants looking towards Fitzsimmons
Capra Alpine Camp Nick Elson

Alpine Running Skills

The Capra Alpine Camps will each cover a foundational set of skills and knowledge to get you in to alpine running terrain with confidence and awareness all while completing alpine objectives.

The goal of each camp is to cover topics like navigation, terrain recognition, efficient movement, self-arrest on snow, etc. to provide you with a toolbox of skills and knowledge that can be used in almost any alpine running adventures you may tackle in the future—improving your ability to move smoothly through the mountains and recognize potential hazards.

The skills taught in the first half of each day, will be put to use throughout the daily objective. This format will provide you an incredible opportunity to go beyond where your previous skills and confidence may have previously allowed.

Camp Instruction

Our team has some of the most experienced mountain runners on the West Coast, having tackled some of the most challenging terrain in the Sea to Sky corridor, both on foot and on skis.

Eric Carter and Nick Elson are two of the best mountain runners on the West Coast. Between the two of them they have a knack for finding high adventure close to home in the South Coast mountains.

What to Expect

Each Camp will be a full-day adventure, including a morning briefing, some travel, an instructional/skills lesson, followed by our daily objective/peak. You can expect between 8 and 10 hours of outdoor time, both on and off trail, with some significant elevation gain.

We will make several stops throughout the day to eat, drink, take in the views, and have mini learning sessions along the way. Alpine Camp will include teaching skills and techniques, and we will go over any applicable information and technical skills required en route. Some of the skills that will be covered and practiced during the camp are:

  • Techniques when scrambling over rock
  • Techniques when traversing ice/snow
  • Self arrest on snow
  • Proper crampon/ice axe use
  • Map and compass navigation
  • Spending the night in the event of an emergency
  • Weather: forecasting and planning
  • Mountain Hazards: rock fall, glaciers, cornices, weather
  • Snow climbing/descending techniques
  • Basic rope use/skills

Who is this for?

The Capra Alpine Camp is geared towards beginner and intermediate runners looking to acquire some fundamental alpine skills.

The day will require a solid running base, and confidence in fuelling for a full-day adventure. You should expect being away for a full 12 hour day (briefing and travel included), where we cover approximately 15–25 km of alpine terrain, and between 1500–2500m+ worth of ascent/descent.

Alpine Camp Details

This is an incredible opportunity to learn some new skills, push your boundaries beyond the everyday, and experience the mountains in a new way, all under the guidance of one of the best teams around.

  • Cost: $199 (per day)
  • Dates for LEVEL 1: July 7, July 20
  • Dates for LEVEL 2: July 28, August 10
  • Limited number of spots available
  • Crampons & Ice Axes can be provided



Capra Alpine Camp runners descending a talus slope
Capra Alpine Camp Runners at Watersprite Lake
Capra Alpine Camp Participants