Capra Valentines: For the Love of the Run


Capra Valentine's

For the Love of the Run

Who doesn't want to hear a good love story? Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, Galentines Day, or just a plain old Wednesday, we wanted to spread the love of running from some of the Capra family.

I think what I love about running is the simplicity of it; you can run pretty much anywhere and pretty much anyone can do it.

Nick Elson

It gives me the chance to be free and focus on myself, and not the zillion things happening in my head.

Arndrea Scott

Running is my favourite form of expression.

Dave Melanson

I love to go get my wiggles out!

Annie Johansen

I love trail running because I never get locked in a gait, and the scenery is constantly changing: Every step is different from the last, and every corner brings a different view. The tedium that sometimes comes with a daily workout in other sports just isn’t there.

John Redpath

What I love about running is that it makes me stronger… but more importantly it makes me happier, and it makes me kinder.

Starr McLachlan

I love the mid-run daydreams, conjuring a life of their own while the world melts away.

Shaun Stephens-Whale

I love feeling like I'm flying free, legs turning, and heart beating. I also love snacks.

Tiff Gibson

I love running because it makes me feel alive!

Deanne McDoom

Running has taken me on the most memorable adventures with amazing friends.

Catherine Fleming

So many things learned through running can apply in life, helping you navigate those ebbs and flows a little more prepared than before.

Genevieve Arnaud

When I hit the trails, the stress starts to melt away and I am lighter and freer.

Nadine Schuurman

Because with every kilometer it proves to me that I'm capable of more than I ever thought possible.

Tomas Polacek

I love the way it makes me feel; it makes me feel strong in body and spirit… it increases my resilience.

Heidi Bachert-Burke

Cheaper than therapy and healthier than wine.

Elena Zureski

Trail running feels like being a kid again.

Natalie Waller

I can escape into the trees and find myself again.

Kim Dodge

I like running because it always makes me feel strong, even when I'm not.

Nikki Scott

Running because gives me the freedom to explore. Oh and time away from wiping butts, haha!

Sarah Ward

I'd have to say it's a tie between the cool short shorts and stylish vest, and the feeling of my lungs about to explode!

Ross Berg

Running gives me the freedom to explore the mountains... faster!

Adam Overing

I love that my legs will take me up mountains; how running clears my head and fills my heart.

Suzanne Pearce

I love running for the community, the access to nature, and because it's cheap therapy.

Craig Frizzle

I feel like my truest self when I am running.

Tara Holland

I love that it's the only sport that I can do anywhere, anytime, for free.

Heather Bell

Running gives me a calm heart, a clear mind, and a sense of community.

Allison Kraby

I love the perks: time to think, breathe in the sweet smells of nature, and of course the incredible surges of adrenaline followed by peaceful highs. Oh yeah, and the hot body.

Vicki Romanin

I love being outside and surrounded by nature with friends.

Shauna Redpath

I really wouldn't say I love running. I do love the spectacular places it takes me, and the people I've met through it though. Running itself really just hurts…

Eric Carter

Running is my meditation in motion: a connection of mind, body, breath, and the world around us, wherever we are in that world.

Ashley Ramsay

Time stands still when you're in the trails with your friends. Nothing else matters and that's a great place to be.

Liz Liu

Why I love to run is easy… it makes me feel young, strong, and free… until I trip.

Carol Green

I love the connections I feel from running, to the place, the inspiring people around me, my thoughts and dreams, and my feet.

Alicia Woodside

Running for me is about the mental benefits. If i feel stuck, unable to shift or refocus my thoughts, I know that a run will open up the doors to a more creative and positive thought process.

Hilary Ewart

I love running for its simplicity.

Jess Carroll

I love the feeling of cruising the forest and the fresh air.

Zoe Dawson

I love trail running because it's my two feet and a heartbeat! My body-nature connection. Simple.

Adrienne Scott

Running makes every good day amazing, and every bad day good again.

Adrianah Wyatt

I run because it keeps my head clear, and let’s me partake in sweet adventures with friends. It's also a great feeling to have a couple beers and a cheeseburger after a long run or hard effort.

Jesse Booi

I run to feel free: to be able to walk out my door and forget about life, to be happy alone and/or in good company.

Michelle Ford

I love moments when everything clicks: When your legs feel like springs, your lungs are bottomless, and your heart is bursting with the sheer joy of it all.

Lara Sharp

It's the one thing that I can count on to make me be present in the moment, and reminds me how lucky I am that I have the health to use my body to explore new terrain on a regular basis.

Christy Drever

I love how running sends my brain into a peaceful tranquility while simultaneously kicking my ass!

Jess Nielsen

Running is my happy place, my freedom, and my time to be selfish in order to become selfless. It's where I can solely focus on the moment.

Tiffany Phillips

I love running as to me it equals freedom of mind, spirit, and movement!

Arnault Vernhet