November 30x30


November is notoriously a month of holing up inside, curling up on the couch, and telling yourself you'll run tomorrow. This year we're changing the game again. Let's make November about spending time with friends outside. Let's make November the month of adventure and challenge.


01— The Challenge

The November 30x30

Two years ago we launched The November 30x30, and 60 brave souls took the challenge. With 26 days and 590mm of rain, it was a little grim. But the challengers dug deep, and together logged over 10,000kms.

Last year we had a whopping 150 people take part in the challenge. Even with mother nature doing her best to break us with bad weather, there was an incredible 75% success rate! We logged almost 50,000Km as a group last November.

It is almost time again to take November back, and to see what you're capable of. We think you'll be surprised.

The challenge is simple. Run a minimum of 30 minutes a day, for 30 days straight. It doesn't have to be fast, it doesn't have to be far, it just has to last 30 minutes. One day a week can be a hike. Join us, partner up, and get your run streak on.

Challenge Details

  1. Run 30 minutes, for the 30 days of November
  2. After your run, post the details online (info coming soon)
  3. At the end of the challenge, on December 1, come celebrate with a party. Everyone who entered the challenge, whether you successfully competed  or not, is invited.
  4. Pledge $30 and get a $50 Capra Gift Card upon completion.

02— Support System

We've got your back

Capra Group Runs
We have two free group runs a week, to help you keep motivated.

Strava Club
Join the Capra Strava Club and post in the group if you're heading out for a run and are looking for company. Chances are there's someone else in the same boat. Plus, it's a great spot to look for a new route if you're getting tired of the same loop.

Facebook Group
Not on Strava? Join our Facebook Group, post your run plans, find someone to join you, or just make us all jealous with photos of your latest adventure.

03— Sweet Victory

Money. Prizes. Glory.

Every finisher - who completes all 30 days - will receive a $50 Capra Gift Card. 

On Saturday December 1, every runner - whether you complete all 30 days or not - is invited to a wrap-up party. You can catch up with friends, swap gruelling stories, down some much needed calories, and relish in all your glory.

As with last year, we encourage you to document your month of adventure with photos, films, letters, art… whatever medium you see fit. The best submissions will be considered for a range of prizes.


We just might have prizes to hand out for every single day of the 30x30. AND...they might just get better and better as the challenge goes on.

04— The Nitty Gritty

Challenge Questions

The spirit of the challenge is to run, regardless of the conditions, and push yourself to get out the door every day. Here are a few guidelines as to what counts, and what doesn't.

Things that count

  • + Run/Walk Intervals: 30 mins of the classic run/walk training, i.e. run 5 mins, walk 1 min
  • + Uphill Hike/Run Day: 30 mins of uphill hiking, i.e. The Chief, Sea to Summit trail, The Grind, Flint & Feather, etc.
  • + Race Day: Cross-country, trail running, road running, etc. Any race counts for your run that day.
  • + Road/Treadmill Day: Either counts; the challenge isn’t limited to trail only.
  • + Remote Run: You don’t need to live in Squamish to participate. Your $50 Gift Card can be redeemed online.

Things that don't count

  • + The Stranger Things Interval: Going from couch to the kitchen while binge-watching Season 2. Awesome? Yes. Counts? No.
  • + Ski Touring: We love skiing too, but unfortunately it doesn't count for the challenge.
  • + Elliptical: That's a no on this one as well. It's not quite running or in the spirit of the challenge. See below.
  • + Walking/Hiking: Also not quite in the spirit of the challenge. That said, if you'd still like to participate and running will be too much, please contact us!

Join the Challenge