Capra Vertical Challenge

Vertical Challenge

Embrace the Climb

Trail running and hills are a natural combo, especially in the Sea to Sky. We have some unique terrain and an amazing network of trails, from the North Shore to Whistler, but it comes with a few climbs along the way.

We've all experienced the challenge of a big climb; the slower pace, the rhythmic grind, and the inevitable reward of reaching the top. And what goes up, must come down; heart beating, flying free, reaping the rewards of the uphill crawl.

It's time to embrace the climb, and celebrate both the suffering and soaring. Welcome to the Capra Vertical challenge.

Runners hiking up the Chief First Peak trail
Foot on Chief First Peak ladder

Challenge Details

For the month of May, lace up your shoes and get climbing. The goal is to rack up as much vertical mileage as possible; overall distance doesn't matter as much as the meters climbed. Run repeats on your favourite hill, or go for the mountain adventure and spend some time on the Chief. Choose your own adventure. The Challenge runs from May 01–31, 2018.

Prizes & Victory

Prizes start when you hit 3000m. That's 5 times up the Chief (first peak) or just over 3 times up the Sea to Summit trail. Once you hit 3000m for the month, you're entered in the prize raffle for 3 × $50 and 3 × $25 gift cards. But don't stop there...

Big climbs come with big views. Share your Vertical Challenge experience and tag your photos with @caprarunning and #capravert for a chance to win extra prizes and be showcased. You'll also get a celebratory finishers badge for every 3000m you tackle, as well as adventure-ready legs.

Grand Prize

For those of you looking for something more, keep climbing. Once you reach 6000m, you're automatically entered in the grand prize draw for a free Alpine Club day ($139 value).

Runners who hit 9000m for the month will get a second entry for the grand prize draw. How much can you climb this month?


All activities for the Vertical Challenge must be tracked in Strava. Many GPS watches will connect to Strava and upload the data automatically, and there are free apps for both iOS and Android in case you don't have a GPS watch.

  • Must use Strava to track your adventures
  • Must be a member of the Capra Strava Club
  • Name your activities “Capra Vert: ___”
  • Manual entries or runs marked private will not count towards your Challenge effort.
  • All activities logged during the challenge period must be uploaded to Strava no later than three days after the challenge ends.
  • The Challenge runs from May 01–31, 2018