Silva 3-Piece Carbon Running Poles

$219.00 CAD

Keep your pace with Silva Running poles. Running with poles will save your legs on long distance...

Size: 115cm


Keep your pace with Silva Running poles. Running with poles will save your legs on long distance sessions, races and when the terrain is particularly challenging. These light trail running poles made of lightweight carbon will help you to maintain your pace going uphill, improve your stability on technical terrain and save your legs on long distance sessions and races.

Silva running poles carbon are made from 100% 3K carbon and weighs 346 grams per pair. If you are looking for a pair of lightweight trail running poles to keep you going faster for longer, these poles will deliver on your expectations. The athlete team at Silva, which consists of passionate and experience runners such as Mimmi Kotka and Petter Restorp, have tested the poles in tough conditions and contributed valuable feedback to our product development team.

Find your perfect pole length

Silva running poles carbon come in 7 different lengths to match your height with the most suitable pole length. Available lengths are 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 and 135 cm. Find your correct pole length by measuring the distance between the ground and your hand, keeping your elbows at your sides, bent at approximately 90 degrees. The poles have extended handles so that you can adjust your grip depending on how steep the terrain is.

Clever Z-fold

The poles are easy to attach to your running vest or running backpack thanks to the clever Z-fold, which means that the poles are folded into 3 sections. The quick stretch lock ensures that the poles are reliable to run with and minimizes your transition time from folded to full usage.

Quick release glove

The quick release gloves allow for freedom of movement and are made of breathable material to give you a comfortable feeling despite long hours of running in all weather conditions.

Prepared for your natural movement through all seasons

The poles are already prepared for all seasons and all kinds of terrains. Your pair of Silva running poles include replaceable rubber paws and snow baskets to complement the concave carbide tips.

The carbide tips have a concave shape to allow for your natural movement when running. The tips are interchangeable so that your Silva running poles will last for many, many miles. These poles are made for running, just like you.


  • Very lightweight, 346 grams per pair
  • Made of 100% 3K carbon
  • 3 section Z-fold
  • Length when folded together: 38 cm
  • Extended handles for good grip depending on the terrain
  • Quick release glove made of breathable material
  • Interchangeable concave carbide tips
  • Snow basket and rubber paws are included
  • 2 year warranty