The Capra 'Keep Yourself From Going Crazy in April' Run Challenge

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  • The Capra 'Keep Yourself From Going Crazy in April' Run Challenge


The Capra 'Keep Yourself From Going Crazy in April' Run Challenge

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We understand how much everyone is struggling right now - the struggle is real. Whether you're feeling this mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, or all of the above...we get it. We're in the same boat as you. With so much uncertainty on what the future holds, it's hard to give yourself the swift kick in the ass that you might need right now. 

We have been brainstorming what we can do to help our community fight the uncertainty and at least take control of their body and their running. Fortunately between Mike and Solana we have come up with the perfect balance of serious and silly. 

The Capra 'Keep Yourself From Going Crazy In April' Run Challenge

For the month of April we're bringing you the newest Capra challenge, a month of free workouts from Mike Murphy, Eric Carter, Alex RicardShaun Stephens-Whale, and Christy Drever. There is huge amount of speed and experience within that group (many many race wins, FKTs, and Strava KOMs). You will absolutely be able to challenge yourselves...and hopefully also be smiling and feeling a sense of accomplishment

*To balance out the serious ass-kicking you're going to get, Solana is providing 1 weekly workout that's all about embracing the fun, the silly, the ridiculous. Yep, onesies are going to be involved. 



  • It's a FREE challenge. You just need to register to be eligible for prizes.
  • Workouts will be sent out in a weekly email each Tuesday, and they will also be posted on the Capra Instagram and Facebook
  • You can participate in as many or as few of the workouts as you like.
  • There will be a workout every second day, for the entire month of April (with a bonus on the 30th). 
  • There are prizes available for those who register. Still free, but you'll have a spreadsheet to fill in after you finish each workout. For each workout you complete, you receive 1 entry for a prize. Complete 5 = 5 entires, complete 10 = 10 entires, complete all 16 and you get a bonus of 4 entries bringing you to 20 chances to win prizes.
  • We don't care about how fast you go, how far you go. We care that you picked yourself up off the couch, dragged yourself away from Tiger King on Netflix and got it done. On the spreadsheet, for that workout, we just ask that you leave one word describing the workout. "Brutal" "Powerful" "Strong" "Pukeface", you get the idea. 


What are the prizes?
We aren't exactly sure yet, but you know we're good for it, remember the 30x30?? (that being said, if you're reading this and want to donate a prize to the pile, contact us - we love supporting our community like that)


  • *we are kind of winging this one*
  • All runs should be tracked on Strava and tagged with #capra16x30
  • Completed workouts must be tracked on the Spreadsheet with your one word description of it
  • If you don't track through Strava AND the spreadsheet, you won't be eligible for prizes
  • We don't have any defined rules for prizing, we are making it up as we go. But it sure wouldn't hurt for you to post on social media and tag us and maybe win a random prize!


You can only register ONE person at a time. Each registrant needs to go through the checkout process here, so that we can collect your name and contact information.


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