Capra Run Club

Social Run Groups

The Capra Run Club

The Capra Run Club is designed to create a local community of like-minded and passionate trail runners. We offer three group runs per week, starting and finishing at the shop with the occasional destination change to keep things interesting. They are free and open to everyone.


Tuesday Intervals

Structured Workout
9:30 –11:30am

Every Tuesday morning we meet at the shop for a 9:30 am start. We head out on the trails for a 20–30 minute warmup, followed by a medium to high-intensity workout that changes weekly (often uphill or downhill intervals), finishing with a cool down jog back to the shop. This is a fairly advanced workout, but given the interval style, we are able to stay together as a group. Be prepared to be on the trails for up to 2 hours, with the distance ranging from 13–18km.

Thursday Nighter **STARTING UP AGAIN, APRIL 4TH**

Post-work Shakeout
6:15 –7:30pm

With daylight lasting well in to the evening it's time for Thursday nighters again. We get together for a casual and conversational post-work run from the shop. This is a beginner-friendly, relaxed pace run, and is a great shake-out/catch-up for the week. We never leave anyone behind and regroup at all trail intersections. The run is normally between 60 and 90 minutes and will continue through Spring and Summer. For the month of April, we recommend bringing a headlamp.

Saturday Morning

Regular Crew
8:00 –10:00am

Saturday morning is our day to catch up with friends, both new and old while getting in a couple hours on the trails. This is a social run that's open to everyone (well-behaved dogs too) and is an excellent way to shake out the week and meet some new people. The pace is inclusive and dependant on the group with the distance ranging anywhere from 9–16km.

Mellow Crew
9:00 –10:30am

The mellow crew caters to those newer to trail running or those who want to enjoy the view a little more. Thanks to our Ambassador crew of Hilary, Liz, and Heidi, the pace is inclusive of all abilities and opens up options for longer or shorter sessions depending on the group. Expect plenty of hike breaks, regrouping at intersections, and loads of laughs with this crew.