Jamie Finlayson: Decoding the Dream

Jamie Finlayson: Decoding the Dream

Squamish is a pretty amazing place to live. It’s also one of the best places around for trail running, with a trail network that’s second to none. Our sport is growing, but it’s still a bit on the fringe in Squamish. We have this incredible trail network because of the mountain biking crowd. They’re one of the core groups of Squamish athletes and home to some top notch trail builders. But before mountain biking, there was rock climbing.

The first recorded climb in the area was around 1957, with the first routes on the Chief being put up in 1961. Often called ‘Yosemite of the North’, Squamish has a long history of climbing, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge it. It’s a world-class destination. Just take a look at the Chief parking lot mid-summer; it’s brimming with climbers on multi-month trips from all over the world. Squamish is also chock full of sleeper athletes. Within a stone's throw, you’re likely to find a handful of world-class athletes, many of whom fly under the radar.

One of those sleepers is Jamie Finlayson. Father, local business owner, and full-time climber.

An Evening with Jamie Finlayson

Continuing with our theme of local Squamish athletes who are dedicated and driven to excel, we are happy to host an evening with climber Jamie Finlayson.

While balancing work, family, and training, Jamie still manages to perform at a world class level. With nearly two decades of climbing to his resume, he has tackled the bulk of Squamish granite, leaving only a few of the toughest and most iconic problems left to solve.

Given the snow Squamish has received over the last couple months, you're likely to find Jamie powering through boulder problems at the gym in the mornings before work. But with even the slightest break in the weather, Jamie will be outside in the boulders, putting in time towards sending his current projects, Dreamcatcher (5.14d) and The Singularity (V14), and quite often with his young son Thomas in tow.

Evening Details

Saturday March 11, 2017
6:15 pm: Doors open
6:30 pm: Presentation
7:15 pm: Q & A

Tickets are $5, and seating is limited so don't hesitate!

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