The 30x30 Challenge is pretty simple. 
Run or walk a minimum of 30 minutes a day, for 30 days straight in November. 
It doesn't have to be fast, it doesn't have to be far, it just has to be at least 30 minutes per day.

This is a virtual challenge, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. You don't need to be local to participate, or to win prizes, or to receive your finishers discount (redeemable online or in store) 
  1. Run or Walk a minimum of 30 minutes, for the 30 days of November.  
  2. After your run/walk, post the details on our 30x30 Tracking Page
  3. It costs $30 to enter the challenge 
  4. You receive a $50 Capra Store Credit upon completion (all 30 days of activities, including tracking)
We also have as dog category
Owners must be registered for the challenge, and Fido must also do a minimum of 30 minutes for 30 days. Dog buy-in is $15, and all dogs that successfully complete 30x30 will earn a $25 gift certificate at Peaks Family Pets (dog activities aren't tracked, their human's data is assumed)


Everyone who has completes all 30 days, AND has filled in all their data, will receive a $50 Capra Store Credit.  

Last year (2023), Nester's Market Squamish added to that prize. Finishers received 20% off groceries, for a week after the challenge.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will come back on board for 2024
We have over $20,000 in daily prizes, given out over the month. Those winners are announce through the 30x30 daily newsletters. The newsletters are the best way to keep up on prizes, contests, and events. That's over 150 prizes given throughout November

We also encourage you to document your month of adventure with photos, films, letters, art… whatever medium you see fit. The best submissions will be considered for a range of prizes.


The spirit of the challenge is to run or walk or hike, regardless of the conditions, pushing yourself to get outside and be active every day

We realize that hurdles pop in life, so there are flexible options to keep within the 'be active every day' rule.  Here are a few guidelines as to what counts for the 30x30
Running or Walking
Run/Walk Intervals - for example, 30 mins of alternating running and walking
Race Day - Cross-country, trail running, road running, etc
Treadmill - we all prefer outside, but sometimes this is necessary 
Remote Run/Walk - Maybe you're travelling during November, but that doesn't mean you can skip a day. 
The 30x30 is a running/walking challenge at heart, but we realize that you may need to  occassionally sub in another activity... just to keep your life manageable. As options, only when necessary, we are ok with you subbing in one of these: 
• XC Ski • Ski Touring • Bike Ride • Spin Bike 


We have regular Saturday & Sunday Group Runs which go all year round. We offer both a Social option and a Speedy option on Saturdays, and a more beginner group on Sundays. Throughout the month of November, we will also host additional running and walking groups . They can really help to get out there, and to make connections with other participants.
Join the Capra Strava Club and post in the group if you're heading out for a run and are looking for company. Chances are there's someone else in the same boat. Plus, it's a great spot to look for a new route if you're getting tired of the same loop.
Not on Strava? Join our Facebook Group, post your run plans, find someone to join you, or just make us all jealous with photos of your latest adventure.
Follow the 30x30 challenge here


Can I register my friend / spouse / co-worker for them?
Yes.  You can put multiple registrations into your cart. At checkout you will need to enter their information and their email.  Each individual will need their own (unique) email address to enter, and for tracking.
Can I join late ?
Yes, we do offer limited late registration, but at a stepped price. You still need to have done your 30 minutes each day in November (you'll just enter that data a bit late).
If I can't continue the challenge, can I get a refund?
Once the challenge starts, on November 1, we do not offer any refunds
I'm not receiving any of the 30x30 emails?
There are a few reasons why you might not be getting our emails. 
• Your spam/junk filter is usually the culprit . The 30x30 emails come from hello@capra.run Check your filters, and add us as a trusted sender. 
• Did you registered with a different email ?
• It's also possible that you made a typo when registering that you made a typo when entering it. Check that you received an email receipt.
You may have unsubscribed from our newsletters. If that's the case, you will have to re-subscribe. Scroll to the bottom of our website, and use the Newsletter Sign Up. 

Can I do an hour one day and skip the next day? No

What about other activities counting as a run?
See the left hand menu above, under 'GENERAL RULES' 

Can I use a treadmill?
Of course! The running or walking can be done indoors or outdoors. We always recommend that having a daily nature break is a great way to reset and embrace the challenge fully, but we understand that life gets in the way sometimes, and you’re welcome to get your 30 minutes done inside.

What about a wheelchair, or a mobility device?
Of course (as long as it's self propelled).
Where do I track my daily activity?
Each participant will receive their custom link to the Tracking Page at the bottom of their Daily Email. You click that button to go to the tracking page
The button in your email only works for entering your own data. 

When can I start entering my run/walk info?
The Tracking Page goes live on November 1. That morning you will receive an email with the link to take you there.

I have to scroll down a ton of names each time I want to enter data. Is there an easier way?
Yes, use the Search Field.
• You can then click your name (and the names of your friends), and a small green heart will appear by those names. 
• When done 'hearting', scroll to the very top and then click the green heart beside ATHLETE, and voila ! All you now see are your favourites. 
• To undo that, click ATHLETE heart again. 

Can I just track it on Strava and not the Capra tracking application?
No.  Without having all 30 days filled in on The 30x30 Tracking Page, you are not considered a finisher.

What’s the last possible date to enter all my data?
December 2, 11:59pm 
Even though it's not mandatory to do daily, we do encourage people to log their runs each day (or every couple days). It's easy to fall behind and lose track. Once the tracking app page is locked on December 2, those of you missing any of the 30 days, will be marked as incomplete. Which means you won't be eligible for the $50 discount for completion.
How do I win a prize? 
Everyone who does their activity, AND enters it into the Tracking Page, is eligible for the next day’s random prize draw.  

How do I find out if I won a prize? 
Each daily newsletter contains all sorts of information, including the prize winners for that day. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the newsletter each day to check for your name!  

How do I collect a prize if i win? 
Prizes (unless otherwise stated) will be available at Capra for pick-up, until December 31, 2023 at 4pm. You are welcome to send a friend to pick up your prize for you.
Alternatively, if you purchase something through our online store (and pay for shipping), we can include your prize with that order. 

What if I don’t want the prize? 
Prizes are not exchangeable. You’re welcome to gift your prize to a friend, or have us put it back in the pot for a re-draw. 

When can I collect a prize until? 
December 31, 2023 at 4pm. If you haven't picked it up by then, or have confirmed arrangements with us, you forfeit the prize.
What can I use my finishers code to buy?
Ohhh, so many options:  Trail shoes? Road shoes? Sunglasses? Socks? A hat...
For thew the code to work though, your purchase must be over $56 (before shipping and taxes). 

Is there anything I can't use it for? 
Nutritional products, sale priced items, and watches from COROS, are the only items that are not available for your code usage. 

Can I shop online or do I need to come into the store?  
You can do either. 
Many participants are not local to Squamish, and the challenge is set up so that you can do it anywhere in the world. So feel free to shop online. 

Where do I enter the code? 
During checkout, there is a “discount code” box, simply type your code into this box. 

Can I apply my code towards shipping/taxes? 
No. Our Shopify system will only allow your 30x30 discount code to be used for purchases over $56, before shipping and taxes. 

Can I give my code to someone else? 
No. Discount codes are non-transferrable. 
You can however purchase a gift for someone else. 

Can myself and my friend use our codes together? 
Discount codes are one per customer, and can't be used with other discount codes.

Can I bundle shipping costs with someone else? 
Absolutely. Have one person choose and pay for shipping, and the other person choose in-store pick-up. There is a “notes” section in checkout, where you can let us know that you’re doing this. Or, reach out to us via email. 

How long is my code valid for? 
Your finishers code is valid until October 31, the following year. You have 11 months to use it either in-store or online.

Note: if you used your code for a purchase, and then return that purchase, your 30x30 discount code will not be reinstated to use again. Please contact us.


If you've looked on all of the other resources (FAQ page, the Facebook group, and other community members), but just can't find an answer to your issue, then please fill out this form.  
*We are a small team, and there are thousands of participants. Expect it take up to 48hrs for us to get to your request*