Sabotage Your Own Race: A How-to Manual

At some point in our athletic careers, we've all self-sabotaged what should have been a big day in our lives. Specifically, I'm referring to a race; an event that should be fun and challenging and exciting. Think back to that really crappy race, the one where you crossed the finish line and said to yourself “WTF was I thinking? Why did I do that”. Or better yet, your sabotage was so effective that you didn’t even make it to the finish line.

Through my years of practice, I've been able to come up with a few of my favourite ways to sabotage yourself at a race. I've done them all, proving they are all quite effective. So if you're looking to tank your next race, here are some of my top recommendations...

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Introduction To Trail Running - Fall Edition

This is a fun and social clinic aimed at newer runners looking to get in to trail running, and/or those interested in learning about and exploring more of our extensive trail network. Participants should be capable of running for approximately 30 minutes or more. The start locations will change weekly to explore different areas, and each run will include photo breaks and hiking of the hilly sections.
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Mike’s Squamish50 ‘What Not To Do’ list

With the big day less than a week away, you have now put in months - maybe even a full year - worth of preparation for the Squamish50. With it being the biggest running event of the year for many of us, I thought I would share this list with you. It’s a list of mistakes that one might want to avoid this week.

Logic says that in the final days before a big event, you should be Steady-Eddy. Keep the ship on a course; no crazy turns, no big changes of speed, and no surprises!

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