Squamish 50: 3/4 Awesome, 1/4 Suffer-fest

Let me start off by saying that winning the Squamish 50 this year is probably the highlight of my ultra-running career. Not because of the cheque or trophy, but because it happened while surrounded by family and friends, and in the amazing community that I now call home. I’ve been living in Squamish for a year now, and the support I felt out the...
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Sabotage Your Own Race: A How-to Manual

At some point in our athletic careers, we've all self-sabotaged what should have been a big day in our lives. Specifically, I'm referring to a race; an event that should be fun and challenging and exciting. Think back to that really crappy race, the one where you crossed the finish line and said to yourself “WTF was I thinking? Why did I do that”. Or better yet, your sabotage was so effective that you didn’t even make it to the finish line.

Through my years of practice, I've been able to come up with a few of my favourite ways to sabotage yourself at a race. I've done them all, proving they are all quite effective. So if you're looking to tank your next race, here are some of my top recommendations...

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A Primer on Osmolality

One of the obvious realities of being a runner is that the harder we work, the more energy our bodies burn; thus the more energy we need to replace in order to feed the engine. The ironic twist to that equation is that the harder we work, the more reluctant our body is to absorb the calories it requires. The science is pretty clear; at the pointy end of the output spectrum, our stomach goes offline (to spare blood for use in our legs), and both the quantity and form of calories that we can process becomes limited.
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