Scott RC Run Waterproof Pants - A Review by Tiff

Scott RC Run Waterproof Pants - A Review by Tiff

Back in the day, whichever day that is for you, waterproof pants meant you’d maybe be an optimal temperature for all of 5 mins and then you’d be faced with feeling soaked on the inside and like you’re dragging an extra dead weight around. Depending on your stature they tended to not fit in any of the right places. For me they were always really big with so much overhang in the leg and well just generally everywhere. I could barely walk in them let alone run and the waterproof pant swagger could be seen from far away. I often opted to get soaked, and cold boned until i begrudgingly put a waterproof pant on.

Forget the days gone by; The Scott RC Run Waterproof Pants have made running in waterproof pants an absolute joy. Run being the all important word. This pant will give you no excuses. Incredibly lightweight, with fully taped seams and hands down pants down (i couldn’t help myself), the most breathable waterproof pant on the market. But yet they still match the all important mandatory requirements for waterproof equipment, a must if you want to take them to a race event. They’re an athletic fit with unisex sizing, so we recommend sizing up to survive the deep squat pant test. The neat elasticated bottom hem means that if like me your legs don’t reach your arm pits, you don’t need to worry about the pant trailing underneath you and your seamstress/seamster can take a break. For all my longer legged friends, don’t worry there’s plenty of material to go around. 

“But I run hot!” I hear you cry. If the strategically placed vent panel across the back of the pant near the waist band isn’t enough for you, they also offer long side leg zippers from bottom to mid thigh, which can be used for ventilation or just to help with the on and off process. We might be athletes, but putting gear on is HARD. 

This pant really came in handy for me in the Alpine several times over. It’s that piece of gear you pack just in case. You’re somewhere up high when you see those storm clouds rolling in, the wind and rain whips up and suddenly you go from wearing very little to wearing everything you packed and damn are you glad you packed the Scott pants. You barely notice them in your pack, as light as they come, soft and super packable. And the same is true when they’re on, they won’t be the thing slowing you down. The PERTEX Shield fabric protects you from the elements and the performance cut gives you the close fit ideal for being active. Whether you’re going for a dog walk, doing your weekly wet run loop, racing a 100 miler, crewing someone or just adventuring in the mountains, these pants will deliver.

This is the piece of gear that you don’t think you need until you really need it, and then you praise the waterproof pant gods that they don’t make them like they used to.