The MOBO Board - Stabilize Your Stance From the Ground Up

The MOBO Board - Stabilize Your Stance From the Ground Up

review by Christy Drever, Physiotherapist

A few reasons why the MOBO board is so great: From a physio standpoint, I highly recommend the MOBO board as both a preventative and a treatment tool to help those improve or overcome ankle / foot stability issues. What I love about the MOBO board is the cut-out that prevents you from over gripping with your little toes which helps train the use of your big toe which acts as a big stabilizer for the arch of your foot. The MOBO board promotes proprioception which is a phenomenon that helps your body’s ability to sense its whereabouts in space such as location, movement and action: something that is very important for trail runners.   The MOBO board rocks in a direction that also trains your body to learn how to be stable throughout a range of motion that is specific to your foot. I use the MOBO board personally as a training tool to help better prepare my body before hitting the trails.


Christy graduated from the University of Alberta in 2014 with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Physical Education and Recreation in 2011. Christy’s clinical experience involves a large spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions having worked in both the private and public health sector. She is a certified sport first responder and has worked with Jr. A Hockey, Varsity Volleyball and Rugby teams collecting hours towards her Certificate in Sports Physical Therapy.

(Side note: Christy is an all-around badass endurance athlete. Always finishing at the top of the field)